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As a union that stands for justice for all, we’re proud to advocate for a $15/hour minimum wage for the City of Seattle.

As nurses and healthcare workers, we’ve seen too many families, including many of our own, struggle to make ends meet and afford care while giant corporations continue to profit.  No worker should put in a fair day’s work and not get a fair day’s pay.  It’s time to raise the floor and pass $15/hour for Seattle.

Next up is the Mayor’s Symposium on Income Inequality on March 27.  Can you be there?

Already we’ve joined pickets, marches, and public hearings in favor of $15.  Throughout the spring and summer we’ll be standing together until it passes.  Talk to your delegate or organizer or visit www.15now.org for the latest on the campaign.

March 6th, 2014

Posted In: Political Action

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