PeaceHealth, our not-for-profit community hospital, should not sell its labs to an out-of-town for-profit to the detriment of patient care, community health, and good jobs.

When we, the healthcare workers at PeaceHealth St. Joe’s, went on strike, you were there to help us.  Now that we’re facing the sale of our labs, we need your help again.  Sign the petition now stating your opposition to PeaceHealth selling our labs to Quest.

This sale will hurt patient care:  The buyer, Quest, will not be providing the same level of care to our community and has already indicated that it will be shipping some samples out-of-state for analysis.  This means less care and slower care for our community and could mean issues with the quality of results.

This sale will hurt our community’s health: To protect our community, infectious diseases need to be quickly diagnosed in order to control their spread.  The reduction in our community’s capacity to analyze samples could have an impact on our ability to control infectious disease and promote community health.

This sale could mean some patients lose access: Because they’re part of PeaceHealth, our PeaceHealth labs are required to provide financial aid – sometimes known as “charity care” – for patients who can’t afford their lab work.  Under Quest ownership, the labs have no obligation to provide supports for low-income or uninsured patients and many in our community could lose access.

This sale will take away living wage, union jobs:  Our PeaceHealth lab caregivers have living wage jobs that support their families and our community and they’re members of a union, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.  The new for-profit Quest has refused to recognize the caregivers’ union and has not committed to hiring these experienced community caregivers.

ph-lab-bargThis sale violates PeaceHealth’s missionPeaceHealth has a mission to care for our community as a faith-based non-profit.  Its sale of the labs is in direct conflict with this mission.

Take action now to oppose the labs’ sale.  Sign our petition.

Together, we can send a message to PeaceHealth– it’s time for our hospital and labs to put community first!

March 7th, 2017

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