Mental Health

Mental health workers need affordable healthcare, too!

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Healthy CPC workers = healthy clients

When we as the Community Psychiatric Clinic staff who provide the care and services our clients need every day face increasing medical costs and high caseloads, we struggle to recruit and retain staff. We can’t afford to stay at CPC and provide care when we can’t afford care for ourselves and prioritize our own healthcare needs.  We are deferring needed healthcare because we simply can’t afford it.  Higher healthcare costs like CPC is proposing would make CPC an unattractive employer for new staff, which makes it difficult to solve our rising caseloads.

We are united for quality care for our clients and our co-workers.

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We need to send a strong message to management that these increased costs are unacceptable. Talk to your bargaining team and contract action team about next steps.

BobbieOxford.cpc“I have been with CPC almost 10 years now, and continue to struggle with the increasing premiums and the increased deductibles. I recently had major surgery and because my surgeon was a non- Group Health provider, my cost was significantly higher. The added cost to insure a family member is beyond affordable for me. We need to take action to make sure we can access healthcare at CPC.”

Bobbie Oxford, Residential Counselor, Harbor House, Swing

Rasmiah 3“When I got pneumonia last year I paid the entire cost of my deductible before my healthcare coverage kicked in.  It was really challenging to pay that much and make the wages that we do.  We tell our clients all the time they need to practice self-care.  As mental healthcare providers, we need to have healthcare that makes it possible for us to practice self care, too. CPC should make sure we can afford to take care of ourselves.”

Rasmiah Abou Ammo, Child and Family Therapist, CPC

Uniting for Quality Client Services

More than 1,300 behavioral mental health professionals from across Washington State are united in SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.

We are Therapists, Case Managers, RNs, MHSs, Social Workers, and more, united to provide the best services and care possible for our clients. We stand together for reasonable case-loads, safe staffing, full funding for our critical behavioral health safety net, and fair wages and benefits.  We were instrumental in exposing the crisis of boarding our involuntarily detained patients in the ER and we continue to stand up for more crisis beds, more community-based services, and better access to behavioral health services.

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