Unity Has a New Image

Pros and techs across our union are preparing together to bargain new standards and raise up our professions. In a ground breaking effort, over 500 pros and techs from across the state filled out surveys on our priorities for bargaining and our future endeavors as a pro/tech council.

Coordinating as pros and techs means that we can resolve our workplace issues by looking to bargaining for the best standards.

We also identified issues and goals that bridge our hospitals and would advance our professions:

  • Reducing licensure fees by working with the state to rethink the fee structure and winning the CARE act
  • Enhancing our scope of practice
  • Ensuring safe drug handling
  • Preventing mandatory overtime

“The techs here at Northwest Hospital just joined the union a few months ago. I think it’s great that we have techs at other hospitals who have built important bargaining standards. and we’re looking forward to winning the Swedish standard on call practices here at Northwest.”
Dave Huttingter,
IR tech, Northwest Hospital, Seattle

The CARE Act:

Setting national standards for our profession and improving patient care

“When I first started in radiology, doctors thought of us as a dime a dozen group of people. As time progressed, our profession began to regulate itself and bring on new rules and education in order to protect our patients. Radiologic technologists are trained correctly and practice safely. However, the technicians who work in smaller medical and dental offices took a little class and away they blast their x-ray machines without understanding the effects of radiation and dangers of over-radiation. These practices belittle our profession which is why I believe the CARE bill is necessary in order to ensure we have properly trained people working with radiation.”
Sharon Kile, Mammographer, CHS, Spokane

Would you let someone fly a plane that had zero aviation training? Or give someone a scalpel who had never performed a surgery before? Radiology procedures use some of the most complex and technologically advanced tools in the medical field, yet many states allow untrained personnel to operate this equipment. Even more alarming is that there are states that require hair dressers and massage therapists to be licensed but have no standards in place for technologists working with radiation.

Radiologic Technologists around the country have been working to pass the CARE bill which would establish minimum educational and certification requirements for technologists and others that work in medical imaging and radiation therapy. The CARE bill would also require continuing education for technologists to keep up to date with changing technology. Although federal legislation has not yet been passed, a few states have already begun implementing similar standards.

Our union has a proud history of winning and making an impact on key safety standards like the safe lifting law. The Pro/Tech Council has adopted this issue to move it forward in our state.

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