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The Union Ambassador role is open to one member from each labor group, SEIU, OPEIU, and UFCW for the remainder of calendar year 2020.

The candidate will work on a team with the Regional Labor Management Partnership staff (RLMP) sales staff and medical center administration for the Washington Region to be the face of the Labor Management Partnership to current and potential members and purchasers throughout the Region. This ambassador will communicate, from a frontline and LMP union member’s perspective, the value of KP’s integrated system to unionized purchasers and members. The program will provide training and support for the Ambassador. Ambassadors will be paid at their current base salary and will be released (with the approval of their managers) on an as needed basis to participate in targeted events. There will be a required training in the beginning of Q4 2020. Because this is a new program, it is anticipated the Ambassadors can expect occasional participation in events as described below, resulting in approximately 2-6 hours per month of in-the-field time.

Union Ambassadors will engage potential and current members through a number of channels. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, events will be virtual.

Virtual Facility Tours: Since UA ambassadors are pulled directly from KP operations, they are uniquely capable of speaking to how care is delivered in the facility, how the labor and management partnership impacts the work environment, the value of integrated care, virtual care, HealthConnect, etc.

Special Events: UAs are able to participate in events that increase KP’s visibility in the community as a unionized healthcare provider (such as town halls, labor picnics, events sponsored by public affairs, etc.).

The ideal candidate would have:

▪ Prior experience and comfort utilizing virtual meeting platforms (Zoom, Teams, Webex).
▪ Access to a quiet meeting environment in which to participate in events
▪ Prior field experience (organizing, walk and talks, etc.)
▪ Prior union leadership experience (union steward)
▪ Enthusiasm and interest in sharing a positive perspective of KPWA and the LMP
▪ Ability and willingness to secure release time to work in partnership
▪ Ability to effectively present to an internal and external audiences
▪ Can engage and collaborate with all levels of an organization and a diverse audience
▪ Working knowledge of KP organization
▪ Adaptable and learns quickly when faced with problems

This opportunity is open to all members. If you are interested and would like to apply please send your resume into your individual union halls, point people are listed below for your union halls. If possible, please send through email; SEIU:; OPEIU: TBD; and UFCW: TBD, or you can fax resumes (please call your union hall for fax # information). Resumes must be received by 5:00PM on September 25, 2020.

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