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The Contract Specialist takes a one-year leave of absence from their regular role at Kaiser to assume the Contract Specialist role as described below. The Contract Specialist maintains their Kaiser employment and the compensation associated with their prior role and retains the ability to return to their former Kaiser role at the end of the Contract Specialist year. The role is described in the National Agreement in section 1.F.4.

There are two SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Contract Specialist roles open, both anticipated to start in approximately July 2021.

To apply as a Contract Specialist, please contact Penny Lowry, pennyl@seiu1199nw.org. This posting closes June 18, 2021.


The Contract Specialist position is important to the success of the Labor-Mangaement Partnership and all parties have a strong interest in supporting and enhancing the role. As such, it is vital to assure that Contract Specialist positions are jointly developed and maintained in compliance with the law.

It is anticipated that this role will advance the Partnership by:

  • Allowing stewards more time to focus on Partnership implementation at the facility and work-unit level;
  • Building expertise and promoting consistency in contract interpretation and implementation through Contract Specialist who partner with local HR Consultants; and
  • Building capacity through the development of many contract experts.

Their duties will include, but not be limited to:

  • Contract interpretation and administration;
  • Contract education;
  • Guidance in grievance and problem resolution;
  • Improvement in shop steward capacity; and
  • Consistent contract application.

The Contract Specialist will partner with Employee & Labor Relations Consultants, Management, and other Labor Partners or union affiliates. The role includes responsibilities at the facility and work-unit levels, assisting with implementation of the Labor Management Partnership programs, facilitating understanding of KP policies and structures and the union’s constitution and by-laws. The specialist is expected to stay informed and up to date with regional and national information, initiatives and issues.

Major Responsibilities /Essential Functions

  1. Works to accurately interpret and administer the local collective bargaining agreement and effectively represent members as agreed with Local Management Point of Contact and under the guidance of the union officers or designee.
  2. Effectively implements Labor Management programs including understanding KP policies and structures and the union’s goals and programs.
  3. Communicates with, supports, and mentors Stewards/Delegates on, all levels of Corrective Action, grievances (including termination cases), and protection of members’ Weingarten rights.
  4. Advises managers on contract enforcement issues to build consistent application of the contract.
  5. Identifies and prioritizes workplaces issues and participates in Issue Resolutions and the Interest Based Problem Solving process; as assigned.
  6. Takes accurate notes during meetings and maintains accurate records.
  7. Might participate in, but not lead local effects bargaining as assigned.
  8. Might support grievance proceedings and filing.
  9. Monitors Partnership activities and assists members in meetings as necessary.
  10. Identifies union leaders to populate committees and/or projects with appropriate representatives.
  11. Works to identify, recruit and support stewards/delegates as the resource to help them become self-sufficient. Works to develop /support/foster effective communication via steward partners to the front-line staff. These responsibilities will likely involve visiting worksites and members on a regular basis covering all shifts and multiple worksite locations.
  12. Supports/mentors stewards/delegates in their role in labor-management committees.
  13. Educates constituents throughout the organization including stewards/delegates, frontline staff, and managers about the Labor-Management Partnership, including in such venues as union new employee orientation.
  14. Stays informed and up to date with regional and national information and initiatives.
  15. Performs other related duties as assigned that are consistent with the National Agreement.

Contract Specialist is an employee of Kaiser Permanente and subject to the policies, procedures and collective bargaining obligations pertaining to that employment. A Contract Specialist is not an employee of the union and may not act solely for the benefit of the union.

The contract specialist work week (for example, reporting times, work schedules, whereabouts during the work day, application for and assignment of overtime, accrual and use of sick leave and vacation days) is maintained and overseen by the Employer through the Regional Director of Labor Relations or their designee. Contract Specialist is based at one Kaiser location, but may travel to multiple Kaiser locations daily. The Contract Specialist may attend periodic meetings at the union office or other locations.

Job Qualifications

Minimum Education:

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Completion of Union Steward or Delegate Training

Basic Qualifications:

  • Must be a current, active employee of Kaiser Permanente for minimum of two (2) years.
  • Current position as a union steward or delegate in good standing, and minimum one (1) year recent experience as a Union Steward or Delegate or equivalent experience

Additional Requirements:

  • Proficiency with Microsoft standard suite of software, including Word and Excel, or ability to gain this or equivalent proficiency in order to be successful in the position.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to gather, examine and interpret information from various sources to generate feasible solutions and alternative approaches.
  • Ability to quickly and accurately process various types of information, perform multiple tasks simultaneously, while prioritizing and completing various tasks within designated timeframes.
  • Understanding of company policy, law and contracts as well as union goals and programs.
  • Travel both in and out of region will be necessary

Preferred Work Experience and Qualifications:

  • Participated in Weingarten meetings in the steward/delegate role within the last six (6) months
  • Familiarity with the KPWA labor-management partnership

Required Licensure, Certification, Registration or Designation:

  • Valid driver’s license and ability to travel extensively throughout Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of WA Region by date of hire/transfer
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