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Position title LMP Trainer
Posting Closes April 16, 2021
Send application to Penny Lowry pennyl@seiu1199nw.org  (if applying from SEIU Healthcare 1199NW) OR Suzanne Mode suzanne@opeiu8.org (if applying from OPEIU Local 8) AND natalie.holtzinger-cruz@unioncoalition.org  & becky.t.peterson@kp.org


The Labor Management Partnership Trust Fund allocates resources for both labor and management to have people whose role is to focus on the success of the partnership the LMP Education and Training Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of specified LMP training and educational programs. This includes input on program development and curriculum, measurement of effectiveness of programs, training of all specified programs, building training capacity within the region through the Train the Trainer process, coaching and mentoring of trainers, scheduling of classes, tracking and reporting as necessary. This position works with the local and national LMP, union and management as well as front line union members and management to promote the values, practices and programs of the partnership.

Role and responsibilities

The Trainer role is to advance the value compass and achieve the goals of the partnership in the following ways:

  • Coordinate and oversee the effective delivery of all specified LMP training programs and workshops. This included the scheduling of classes, trainer assignment, tracking and reporting as necessary
  • Demonstrate proficiency in training all specified LMP training programs
  • Build training capacity through the effective use of Train the Trainer programs, coach, mentor and develop trainers from both labor and management, partnering as necessary to model partnership behaviors and ensure the interests of all parties are being observed.
  • Serve as training subject matter expert on LMP committees.
  • Representing the KPWA Region, liaise with the National LMP Education and Training function to ensure regional interests are considered in National discussions and decisions. Partner with regional iPro team on development of training materials/classes.
  • Establish methods and processes to measure the effectiveness of training to foster continuous program improvement.
  • Assess the training needs of departments requesting training, partner as appropriate to respond to those requests.
  • Additional responsibilities as needed


This role is intended to develop your leadership ability and knowledge so that you return to your role in Kaiser Permanente and your union with valuable skills. The following qualifications are required for consideration:

  • A member of a Coalition union (SEIU Healthcare 1199NW or OPEIU Local 8) in good standing;
  • A demonstrated commitment to your union and the LMP’s vision and goals;
  • Must have own transportation and be willing to travel;
  • Have taken partnership trainings*;
  • A work history that demonstrates dependability and initiative;
  • Proficient and comfortable with local data interpretation and process improvement
  • Basic proficiency with computers and MS Office
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Preferred not required qualifications (please list in your resume any and all that apply):

  • Experience working with the Labor Management Partnership and/or LMP programs or in a union environment.
  • Knowledge of the unit-based team implementation approach in the region.
  • Experience in the health care including project coordination, working with operations and committee experience.
  • Ability and experience working in a multidiscipline environment, responding to short timeframes and deadlines.
  • High degree of initiative and ability to work without constant supervision.
  • In depth knowledge of a variety of software programs, including Excel, MSWord, Access, Power Point.
  • Experience with development and delivery of training using virtual platforms and methods such as MS Teams and Zoom.
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitation, coordinating, meetings management and leading multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Experience in leading or delivering training,
  • Experience in committee membership
  • Current delegate or steward

Employees that function as the LMP Trainer will work under Kaiser Permanente and the CKPU, Special Assignment Letter of Agreement for Partnership Positions. The LMP Trainer reports to their Local union designee, the Coalition and the Regional LMP Manager.

This role is based at the Renton campus and will work remotely for the balance of the temporary work remote time period.

*Training completed as soon as scheduled in KPWA.

This position is a special project assignment through the Labor Management Partnership Trust Fund.

The LMP Trainer is a Special Assignment role subject to annual LMP trust budget approval. In 2021, the LMP Trainer special assignment term is through the end of the calendar year, ending on 12/31/2021. Placement in the LMP Trainer role will require a mutual agreement between Kaiser Permanente, the CKPU, the candidate’s local union, and the candidate regarding how the candidate can fill the role in accordance with the 2021 allocated budget for the role.

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