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Our union is stronger because we are member-led and each member votes to elect our officers and executive board members.  In January and February, members voted by mail ballot to elect two new officer positions and to fill vacancies on our executive board.  Congratulations to each of the leaders who will now shape, direct, and grow our union.

New Officers

Casey Rukeyser, Executive Vice President

Delores Prescott, RN, Swedish Medical Center, Vice President

New Executive Board Members

Chapter/BU Elected Name
Community Health Care Nadia Garza
Community Health Care Cherlynn Hoyt
DOH Deborah Carlson
Evergreen Healthcare Janine Tafari
Brittany Berck
Marlita Mingaracal
Michelle Matthews
Evergreen Healthcare Social Workers Lynda Hinz
EvergreenHealth Monroe – LPN/RN Elena Swanger
EvergreenHealth Monroe – Svc Josh Tompkins
FMG – Franciscan Medical Group
Harborview Pharmacy Nisay Mean
Harborview Pro/Tech Melissa White
Harborview Research/Hall Health RN Maija Brissey
Harborview RT/AT Nike S. Jawando-Williams
Harborview RN Nick Escobar
Courtney Hawkins
Shinae Kim
Olga Ramirez
KPWA SVC Mala Williams
NWH ProTech 11 Genevieve Sanford
PH St Jo Lab – Pro Terri Matson
Prosser Memorial Brittney Derderian
St Joseph MC SVC Willie Willis
Rehema Mohamed
SMC-RN Carol Lightle
Victoria Marshall
SMC-Service Lauren Armstrong
Tasha Glancy
Margie McInnis
SMC/E RNs Tara Scott

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