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We care for Washington patients and families

We stand together to make sure that our patients and clients get the best quality care and that our pay and benefits allow us to thrive.

35 Years of Progress And Unity

Why choose the union difference?

Being part of a strong union means having a strong voice.  We take action together and win on the issues that matter to us – staffing, wages, benefits, and being a part of the decision making.

Together, we rise.

We win better futures for ourselves and our families.

Union Stories

Press releases, events, updates, and more.


Saturday October 27, marked another senseless tragedy in our country when a lone gunman who promoted anti-Semitic and racist views, killed 11 Jewish worshippers and wounded others, including 4 police officers/ First responders  in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. This...

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NW / UWMC Transition Informational Meetings

We’re moving forward together!   Important Northwest Hospital/UWMC Transition Informational Membership Meetings!   “We’ve been meeting and will continue to meet with UW administration to discuss how to approach issues they want resolved before we become WA state...

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