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Your vote will mean a Bright Future for our union

 In order to continue to have a strong union, we are voting to update our bylaws. We will be holding a virtual vote meeting* on Zoom to hear all about it:

March 2
Join between 12-2pm 
Meeting link

*To receive a ballot, you must join and fill out a form during the virtual meeting so we can verify vote eligibility. It is the only way to receive a ballot and be able to vote. 

We care for Washington and Montana patients and families

We stand together to make sure that our patients and clients get the best quality care and that our pay and benefits allow us to thrive.

35 Years of Progress And Unity

Why choose the union difference?

Being part of a strong union means having a strong voice.  We take action together and win on the issues that matter to us – staffing, wages, benefits, and being a part of the decision making.

Together, we rise.

We win better futures for ourselves and our families.

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Our winter wins, actions, and solidarity!

Our winter wins, actions, and solidarity!

Taking actions in our workplaces and standing in solidarity with workers in our communities raises ALL of us up and results in big wins for healthcare workers and our patients! Read on to catch up on what 1199NW members have been up to this winter season.  We win big!...

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