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New Employee Orientation

University of Washington

January 11, 2021

This New Employee Orientation virtual session will be held via Zoom at 4:30pm. At that time, click on the button below to access the Zoom meeting.

Join Virtual NEO at 4:30pm

Join by phone: +12532158782,,81360046446#
Meeting ID: 813 6004 6446


Please sign your membership card at joinseiu1199nw.org.

New Membership Form

Visit our union’s website for more information and union member benefits at seiu1199nw.org.


Welcome to our union

We are more than 30,000 registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, pharmacists, technicians, professional employees, therapists, mental health workers, certified nursing assistants, environmental services and nutrition services, social workers, and other healthcare workers in private and public hospitals, clinics, mental health facilities, social services agencies, and homes across Washington.

Join the strength of over 6,000 of us with it the University Of Washington!

We are united to improve our jobs and the care we give. We are a union—a democratic, independent organization created by members to advocate for our common interests and those of our patients and communities. We believe that healthcare works best when we have a strong voice in making the decisions that impact ourselves and our patients or clients.

We have a seat at the table with management to negotiate for improvements in our jobs and the care we give. We stand together to improve wages, benefits, working conditions, staffing, training and education availability, and the quality of care and services we provide and now more than ever having a union has given us a voice to advocate for our patients and our families safety.

Our statewide union, is part of the two million member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the largest and strongest union of healthcare workers in the nation.

“Welcome! By choosing to work this union job at UW Northwest, you’ve joined a group of coworkers who support each other and stand together in their union to win things like 1-2 raises per year, ongoing increases in paid time off to spend time with family, and an incredible training fund so you can go to school to get a degree, learn new skills, and/or earn continuing education credits at no charge to you. We are glad to have you join us!”

Genevieve Sanford, Ultra sonographer Tech, Northwest Hospital UW
SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Executive Board Member and Union Delegate


“I’ve been at nurse at Harborview for 13 years and work in the Trauma Surgical ICU. Congratulations on becoming a new member of an amazing team of workers at Harborview. I also hope you strongly consider becoming a part of the union SEIU1199NW. Part of makes Harborview such a great place to work is the strong union. I’m from Montana where unions are rare and I can tell you hands down it makes a difference.

I always remind people the union is the workers and the more members with active engagement the better our work conditions. We’ve won conditions such as dedicated break nurses on the acute care units that many other hospital facilities don’t have. It’s important to have a voice in the way we practice and the conditions we practice in. The union strives to develop partnerships with management where our voice matters and our patients get the best care because of it. It helps to guarantee staff safety. For example, during the COVID crisis we bargained for ensuring staff have proper access to PPE, protections for staff in high risk groups, paid administrative leave for COVID positive staff, free parking and a redeployment premium.

Your voice matters, your working conditions matter and a collective voice by being a union member makes a difference.”

Katy Brehe, RN, TISCU, Harborview Medical Center

SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Union Delegate


“Harborview is a good place to work because we have a union. I hear from coworkers who have worked at hospitals without a union, that they were afraid to speak up when they needed something. We are empowered to speak up for our patients and ourselves. Our unity is the biggest check and balance on management to hold them accountable to the community we serve.”

Peter Njoroge, RN, 4WH

Harborview Medical Center