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When: Thursday, Nov 15 at 5:30 PM

Where: Main entrance of the Colby Campus of Providence Regional Medical Center, 13th St. between Colby Ave. and Oakes Ave.

*** Families welcome – dinner, coffee, tea and cookies will be served! ***

We are the dedicated nurses, chaplains, social workers, physical therapists and other caregivers of Providence Hospice and Homecare of Snohomish County, and have dedicated our lives to making sure you and your loved ones receive the highest quality care.

But Providence St. Joseph Health is putting corporate greed before patient need, making it difficult to provide the care you deserve. Providence executives have refused to listen to our concerns about improving staffing, ensuring fair wages that recruit and retain qualified staff, and agreeing to a fair union contract. Providence can afford to make improvements for Snohomish County patients – it is now a giant corporation with over 1,000 facilities in seven states, $23 billion in revenue and a CEO who makes over $4 million a year.

Please join our rally Nov. 15 to send a powerful message to Providence executives: The residents of Snohomish County deserve the highest quality hospice and homecare!

For more information, contact Sabrina Snow at (425)283-6982 or sabrinas@seiu1199nw.org.

 Invite your friends to our rally!

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