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Safe Staffing Advocacy Hub

We are fighting for real, concrete solutions to our staffing crisis. Washington has faced a shortage of healthcare workers for years, but the pandemic put long-standing staffing problems into a pressure cooker. Now we’re at a crisis point. We, as frontline healthcare workers have asked hospital executives for help but we were ignored. Now, we’re calling on state lawmakers to pass safe staffing standards that will let us do our jobs safely and give patients the care they deserve. 

Bill information.

March 8 Update: Passage in the State Senate 
Feb. 28 Update: The Senate Ways and Means Committee voted to pass an amended version of SB 5236

Take a few minutes and follow the steps below to take action and support the WA Safe + Healthy campaign for safe staffing standards!



If you are a healthcare worker, contact your legislator to make your voice heard on how short staffing impacts our workplaces and why passing safe staffing standards this year is a matter of public health!

Send an email to your legislators



We know that hospital CEOs are fighting tooth and nail against our bill – that’s why we need to harness the power of our stories. Share your experience to add to our story bank!

Share your staffing story



Wear your safe staffing swag on sticker-up days, which coincide with the important legislative hearings or votes on our bill. Your organizer will let you know ahead of time and provide stickers and placards. Don’t forget to take photos! 



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