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As healthcare workers, we support science-based public health directives on COVID-19 vaccination requirements for frontline health care workers, with medical and religious exemptions. We stand firmly behind vaccination as the best way to save the lives of patients, family members and members of our communities.

At the same time, we fully expect employers to bargain with us over this change to working conditions. We look forward to bargaining with management to ensure that our safety is ensured.

We are facing an extraordinary staffing crisis in our hospitals and continue to advocate for reasonable deadlines and options for frequent testing and masking for the unvaccinated like those included in mandates in other states that allow health care workers to stay on the job caring for all of us through this ongoing crisis.

Vaccines are the front line of protection against Covid and variants, like delta, we also must have proper PPE, universal masking and other infection control measures. We will continue to demand universal access to N95 masks and push employers to improve ventilation in facilities where needed.

SEIU Healthcare 1199NW is not organizing or supporting demonstrations outside of facilities related to the Governor’s mandate. Participating in an action that could constitute a strike or a picket could subject you to discipline or termination from management.

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