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1199nw-members-with-banner-050113-low-resOn September 5, the Trump administration announced that it is ending protections for 800,000 Americans who were brought here as children.  Ending the Dreamers program, or DACA, means these 800,000 community members could be subject to deportation soon– tearing their families apart.  This despite how well DACA works: it has helped drive economic growth, bolster job creation, keep families together, and promote education and community integration.  We must continue to allow the nearly 800,000 young people to provide for their families, contribute to the economy, and build their futures.

Under Trump’s action, approximately 300,000 people will lose DACA protections and could be deported by the end of 2017.  Essentially, Trump is ordering employers to lay these young people off and making it illegal for anyone else to hire them.

It’s time to take action.  We’re in the streets with our coalition partners and standing up for our communities.

Our elected leaders like Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson have also been vocal in their support of the DACA program and we are expecting a legal challenge to the rescinding of the program.

As a union, we have a proud history of fighting for immigrant justice, and we will continue that legacy.  Members from across the state will be meeting with congressional representatives and sharing our stories on why it is crucial that we don’t tear families apart. Furthermore, we will be working with coalitions such as the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network and United We Dream to identify local solutions to enact protections for Dreamers. Talk to your executive board member or organizer for more information.

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