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SEIU has a long and proud history of helping union members pursue their dreams through higher education. SEIU offers scholarship opportunities to support studies in areas including the arts, social justice, labor studies and the healthcare field. All scholarships are open to members and their children.


SEIU Lottery Scholarships (Apply online at aim.applyists.net/seiu)

$1000 scholarships renewable for up to four years as well as $1,500 scholarships for one year of study.

The Bonnie Ladin Scholarship (Apply online at nlc.edu)

The Bonnie Ladin Scholarship is available for SEIU members, their children and local union staff who are attending the National Labor College. Bonnie Ladin was an organizer at SEIU for 20 years and played an integral role in building SEIU to make it the union it is today. In honor of her tremendous contributions to the labor movement, SEIU created a scholarship in her name.

SEIU J.J. Johnson Scholarship (Apply online at aim.applyists.net/jj)

One $5,000 scholarship renewable for up to four years is given to a student whose work and aspirations for economic and social justice reflect the values and accomplishments of J.J. Johnson, former Local Union President of Local 617 in New Jersey and one of the founding members of SEIU’s African American Caucus, AFRAM.

SEIU Moe Foner Scholarship (Apply online at aim.applyists.net/mf)

Moe Foner founded Bread and Roses, a cultural program for union members. One $5,000 nonrenewable scholarship is available to students who are pursuing a degree or training in the visual or performing arts, and who, like Moe Foner, believe the arts are a vehicle to advance social change.

Nora Piore Scholarship (Apply online at aim.applyists.net/np)

Born in 1921, Piore was a public healthcare pioneer whose career spanned more than 60 years. Nora Piore worked as a union organizer, labor educator, college professor, healthcare economist and healthcare activist who changed the face of public health in the United States. The scholarship is made possible by an endowment by the family of Nora Piore. It is for $4,000 and is renewable for up to two years


For more information about the scholarship program including links to online applications visit the “member” page of our website at www.seiu.org/scholarships. We are encouraging all applicants to apply online—it’s easy, convenient, and a greener way to go.

Deadlines and Notifications

•             Applications must be filed online by 12:00 AM EST on March 3, 2014.

•             Scholarships will be awarded and winners notified in the late spring of 2014.

•             All of the awards will be announced on www.seiu.org in the fall of 2014.

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