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Recently the Washington State Attorney General won a $25 million lawsuit against CHI Franciscan for violating “charity care” laws that require financial assistance for lower-income patients. Under the settlement, CHI Franciscan will have to relieve the medical debt of patients they overcharged, reimburse them, repair their credit, and inform patients about financial assistance moving forward. If you are a past or present patient of CHI Franciscan and believe you may be eligible for financial assistance, follow these steps below. Make sure to keep copies of all forms and mail or fax them to the indicated CHI contact information:

Patients who were uninsured when getting care from 2012-2017:

Patients who were insured when getting care from 2012-2017:

  • Fill out and send in a CHI charity care/financial assistance application form
  • If you cannot locate your income verification, fill out this simple income attestation form and include it with your charity care application form.

If your credit report was damaged by CHI Franciscan and is not automatically repaired:

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