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Our new contract provides for elimination of leave without pay days, improvements on safety, improvements on staffing including a float pool pilot at Western State Hospital, new language on the removal of disciplinary documents, improved transfer language, and remedies for nurses working consistently forty-five (45) hours in a workweek. We agreed to have consultants assist with safety issues at both Western State Hospital and Eastern State Hospital, and a consultant on ergonomic issues for nurse consultants.

“Winning a Float Pool pilot is a big step for improved staffing at Western State Hospital. Float pools provide for an efficient way to provide client care coverage on a daily basis. ” – Paul Vilja, RN3, WSH

“Nurses’ ability to have ergonomic assessments done in the field is a big win for nurse consultants because it will improve safety working conditions. Also now we can be sure that the state equipment we use is properly maintained.” – Betty Diaz, Nurse Consultant
“Getting rid of these unpaid leave days will lead to better staffing; this will help us to give our clients the care they deserve.” – Mark Sweeney, RN3, Lakeland Village


“Our new safety committee language holds management accountable to safety recommendations. Now the real work begins. Members need to use all the provisions of our contract to make it really work for us.” -Trish Canyock, RN2, Rainier School


“Our contract is the best tool we have to make sure that our workplaces are safe and staffed appropriately. We all need to get involved as we grow the strength of our union.” – Sharon Silar, RN2, Eastern State Hospital

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