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We don’t stop caring about our patients or healthcare at the end of our shift. Voting is an important way for us to speak out for our values, and one of the most powerful ways we can stand up for our patients and make needed changes in our healthcare system.

Many voters already received their voters’ pamphlet full of information on state ballot measures and judicial races. Be on the lookout for the local voters’ pamphlet with candidate statements to arrive along with your ballot around October 18, 2019.

Dates & Deadlines

October 18: Start of 18-day voting period (through Election Day). Ballots are mailed out and Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available at voting centers.

October 28: Online and mail registrations must be received 8 days before Election Day.

November 5: Deadline for Washington State voter registration or updates (in person only).

November 5: General


SEIU 1199NW nurses and healthcare workers from across the state meet and interview the candidates to ask them the right questions: how will they work with us to improve care? Will they stand with us to improve staffing for us and our patients? Will they speak out for our rights on the job?

This is our full list of healthcare champions who share our values and have earned the support of nurses and healthcare workers.

Our vote matters—we have the chance to make a difference for our patients and our community!

State Ballot Measures

No on I-976
Car Tabs: Oppose Tim Eyman’s latest attempt to gut regional transportation projects by rolling back car tabs.

Yes on R88/I-1000
Affirmative Action Measure: Prohibits public institutions from discriminating. Allows affirmative action policies by the state of Washington.

State Senate

Liz Lovelett
40th Legislative District


James Bible
City Council Position 7

Jeremy Barksdale
City Council Position 3


Chanan Suarez
City Council Ward 5

Anthony Distefano
Bellingham Port Commission


Sofia Aragon
City Council Position 6

Kevin Schilling
City Council

Cydney Moore
City Council


Mike Nelson

Jenna Nand
City Council

Alicia Crank
City Council

Susan Paine
City Council

Laura Johnson
City Council

Federal Way

Sharry Edwards
City Council Position 3

Jamilla Taylor
City Council Position 3


Bryan Yambe
City Council Position 1


Michele Kemper
City Council Position 2

Zach Hill
City Council Position 2

Barbara De Michele
City Council Position 3


Marli Larimer
City Council Position 1

Awale Farah
City Council Position 7

Hira Bhullar
City Council Position 3

King County

Yes on Proposition 1
Parks Levy

Larry Gossett
County Council District 2

Jeanne Kohl-Welles
County Council District 4

Joe McDermott
County Council District 8

Claudia Balducci
County Council District 6


Amy Falcone
City Council Position 6

North Bend

Heather Koellen
City Council Position 3


Jessica Bateman
City Council Position 2

Dani Madrone
City Council Position 3


Heather Shadko
Puyallup City Council At-Large

John Palmer
Puyallup City Council District 2


Kim-Khanh Van
City Council


Takele Gobena
City Council Position 5

Senayet Negusse
City Council

Damiana Merryweather
City Council

Mohamed Ali Egal
City Council


Lisa Herbold
City Council District 1

Tammy Morales
City Council District 2

Kshama Sawant
City Council District 3

Dan Strauss
City Council District 6

Andrew Lewis
City Council District 7

Jim Pugel
City Council District 7

Snohomish County

Megan Dunn
County Council

Nicholas Gullickson
South Snohomish Fire & Rescue
Regional Fire Authority Commissioner Position 2


Ben Stuckart

Breean Beggs
City Council President

Lori Kinnear
City Council District 2 Position 1

Karen Stratton
City Council District 3 Position 1

Spokane Valley

Tim Hattenburg
City Council Position 6


Nathe Lawver
City Council Position 1

Kristina Walker
City Council Position 8

Keith Blocker
City Council Position 3

Conor McCarthy
City Council Position 7

Frank Boykin
Tacoma Port Position 3

Kristin Ang
Tacoma Port Position 5


Nancy Manos
City Council Position 2

Cynthia Delostrinos Johnson
City Council Position 4

Whatcom County

Natalie McClendon
County Council District 5

Carol Frazey
County Council At-Large

Satpal Sidhu
County Executive


Holly Cousens
City Council District 7

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