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Dietitians from across Nutrition Services have decided to unite in SEIU Healthcare 1199NW for a voice in decisions that affect us and our patients.

Taking action and coming together with union co-workers across the hospital is the best way for us to make real changes on the issues that matter most to us. That’s why a super-majority of dieticians signed union authorization cards in support of forming our union to improve staffing and create a workplace that respects and retains our valuable contributions.

Joined by union members from across the hospital we delivered a message to our hospital administration and called on them to respect and recognize the union we are building.

Opportunities coming soon to support dieticians in our next step in completing bargaining surveys and membership cards.

“It’s time that we make the connection between work place environment, wages, and benefits. All of these allow us to continue giving the best patient care. When we’re overworked, patient care can suffer. It is so important that we all stand together, especially in these difficult times, to show that no one can succeed when others struggle. Good benefits, a fair wage: these are things everyone deserves, regardless of job class. We all win when we fight together.”
Alexa Halling, Dietician II

“I’m so pleased that the Dietitians have joined our union as they deserve the same opportunities we all have to have a seat at the table and to have a legally binding contract. Harborview is an amazing place to deliver care, but each of us as caregivers deserves respect and security too. I wouldn’t want to be in the UW system without a union and I was glad to lend a hand to dietitians as they begin this journey. Welcome Harborview Dietitians! We are all stronger together.”
Kimela Vigil, Social Worker, Executive Board Member

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