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On October 5, employees at the Highline Clinics voted 76 to 7 to join SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.  We sent a strong message to management that we want a seat at the table in the decisions that impact our jobs.  Now we can have a say in how our hospital is run and we can negotiate a contract with improvements in wages, break time, and benefits.

Today, we will continue to build our strength and unity as we take the next steps toward winning our first contract.

“I’m excited about the changes to come! By uniting with SEIU 1199NW we will be able to advocate for our patients and our professions.” – Nancy Hayes, Medical Assistant, HOGA

“This is great!  Let’s keep the momentum up as we work towards our first contract.” – Hillary Moorman, Medical Assistant, West Seattle

“We have accomplished a remarkable amount and will continue to make positive change to our lives and professions.  This gives us the strength to provide optimum patient care to our community” – Jennifer Johnson, Receptionist, West Seattle

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