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As our facility finalizes its affiliation with the Franciscan Health Systems (FHS), we want to make sure that our patients and our communities come first.

We need FHS to ensure continuity of patient care by making the transition as seamless as possible.  Our patients know and trust us, their experienced and professional care team, and we want to continue to be there for them.  Our patients also need assurance that FHS will continue to offer a full spectrum of care including family planning and reproductive care.  And our community needs to know that even though control of our hospital and clinics has moved from Burien to a corporate headquarters in Tacoma, our community’s needs will still guide our community hospital and clinics.

SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members are the nurses and healthcare workers at Highline Medical Center and Highline Clinics.  We are also the healthcare workers at St. Joseph’s Medical Center, a Franciscan Health Systems facility.

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