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When Highline members realized we have not been receiving our shift differential pay while on annual leave and sick time, we united and brought the issue to management to have it solved.

Our unity worked! This week at Labor/Management we were able to reach an agreement that includes the following:

  • All members who were not paid their shift differentials while on annual leave or sick leave will get back pay for their missed differentials.
  • Management will give us a report of people who were not paid their differential for annual leave and sick leave to ensure we are all paid right.
  • Management will fix the issue so it doesn’t keep happening.

If you believe that you have not been paid your shift differential, please contact the delegate in your area, a member of the bargaining team, or your organizer.

United we win!

“It’s up to us to ensure that our pay is consistent with what the contract says. We need to stand together to enforce our contract with management. We’re happy that we were able to work with management to resolve this issue so we are paid correctly in the future and also get back pay for whatever the time clocks didn’t give people credit for before.”

Brent Morgan, RN, Endoscopy


FAQ for Highline members

What is shift differential?

Shift differential is an added amount of money you are paid per hour for working evening shift (3pm – 11pm) or night shift (11pm – 7am).

When should I be paid shift differential?

Our contract outlines that you should be paid shift differential if you work at least four hours during either the evening or night shift. The shift differential is applied to all hours worked within the evening or night shift.

What if I work 9pm – 7am shift?  How am I paid?

People who work 9pm – 7am should be paid evening shift differential for 9pm – 11pm and then night shift differential for 11pm – 7am. If your shift hours cross between evening and night shift, you should be paid the evening and night differentials for the hours you work in those time periods both while you are working and while you are on annual leave or sick leave.

Does shift differential apply to when I’m on call and called in for a few hours in the night?

Yes. When you are on call and are called in to work during evening or night shift, you should be paid the appropriate shift differential, even if you work fewer than four hours.



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