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The 2023 Washington state legislative session is underway! This is a critical time to advocate for legislation that progresses what we as healthcare workers need for ourselves and for quality patient care.

This year, we’re fighting for:

  • Safe staffing for our safety and our patients’ safety
  • Workplace injury protections for workers, especially our EVS coworkers
  • Fully funding our collectively bargained State contracts
  • State investment in our Training Fund to grow our healthcare workforce
  • Affordable housing for all of us 
  • Fair healthcare pricing 
  • And more!

After making momentous progress last year, we’re back in coalition with UFCW 3000 and the Washington State Nurses Association to pass safe staffing legislation for Washington’s healthcare workers once and for all! The crisis of dangerously low staffing levels has not improved, in fact it’s even worse than last year. That’s why we need all hands on deck in this year’s legislative fight. 

Read the latest WA Safe + Healthy bulletin

Join the fight and sign up to take action!

As frontline workers, it’s our stories legislators need to hear the loudest – not greedy hospital executives. That’s why we’re heading down to the Capitol to advocate together and make our collective voice heard! 

Join us Wednesday, January 25 to share our stories and advocate for the support of our elected representatives in some of our biggest fights for workplace safety and justice. Please contact your organizer to RSVP!


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