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addy-adwell-desc-rn-host-crop-low-res“As healthcare providers we have seen what a huge impact the Affordable Care Act has had on the health of our patients and our communities. We need our Congressional leaders to prioritize providing plans that provide and preserve care for everyone. We need to continue to stand up for our patients by keeping our elected leaders accountable to the health of our community so everyone can access care.”
Addy Adwell, RN, Harborview Medical Center

We made our voices heard to make sure 22 million Americans had access to quality care – but now that is at risk.

Congress intends to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut Medicaid funding, taking healthcare away from than 22 million Americans – essentially pushing them off the cliff with no plan to replace the care they need.

We know the difference the Affordable Care Act has made in Washington state:  Hundreds of thousands of people now have access to preventive care that detects cancer and manages chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma. Young adults up to age 26 can remain on their parents’ health plans. And insurance companies can’t discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions or deny coverage for their own profits.

What would this repeal mean for us and our patients?

  • The Health and Human Services appointment of Congressman Tom Price, a leading opponent of the Affordable Care Act, gives the power back to insurance companies instead of siding with families.
  • Cuts to Medicaid will mean many seniors, children, and people with disabilities who get their healthcare through Medicaid will be left without care.
  • An end to Medicaid expansion would take healthcare away from hundreds of thousands of patients right here in Washington state.
  • Health insurance protections would be weakened or removed, returning to the days when patients could be denied care for pre-existing conditions, or insurance companies could put a life-time or annual cap on care.
  • More uninsured patients would mean more uncompensated care, opening the door for hospitals to try and pass their losses on to us through cuts to staffing levels and a degradation of our standards at the bargaining table.

Call your Congressional leaders at 1-866-426-2631 (English) or 1-877-736-7831 (Spanish) and tell them the Affordable Care Act should not be repealed without a plan to keep and improve the healthcare of our patients and clients, including vital services such as Medicaid. Share why healthcare is important to you and your patients. Ask your Congressperson for their plan to put care first, or thank them for their ongoing support.

Together we can speak up for our families and patients – make the call today!


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