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Washington State SEIU Lavender Caucus shares our love and mourning for our LGBTQI family in Florida and all of the communities who lost love ones. We also mourn for the loss of a queer sanctuary in Florida and for the loss of feeling safe in one of the few places meant for us to just be ourselves.

The mass shooting that resulted in the death of 50 people and in the injury to 53 others is a result of hate. In this time of hate, we must stand together—against mass-shootings, against the murders of our trans*siblings, against state violence and all of the violent expressions of hate. We must also ensure that this tragedy is not exploited to further attacks against Muslims, many of whom are also our LGBTQ siblings.

As we come together to mourn and to organize we must remember that we are resilient. We will continue to take up space, to come out, to be out, to love out, and to build our communities. LGBTQI love–queer love–is resistance.

As we move forward, we ask our SEIU family, far and wide, to join us, not just as allies, but as co-conspirators.

  • Speak up against & reach out to those in your lives who proliferate homophobia and hate.
  • Stand with us. Come to our meetings. Come to our marches.
  • Create safe spaces. Do your part to make our worlds safe—at places of employment, education, worship, recreation, etc.—and if you are unsure how, let’s talk it out.

One day of internet outrage is not enough for our community. We deserve love and safety and acceptance. We deserve to be out and to keep coming out. We deserve co-conspirators.

Please join us at our next Washington State Lavender Caucus meeting:

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 at 6 p.m. at SEIU 1199NW: 15 S. Grady Way, Room 330, Renton, WA

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