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On October 15, more than a dozen SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members marched on St. Pete’s Executive Board meeting and presented our “Forced Enrollment Forms.”  The forms, signed by hundreds of St Pete employees, showed our opposition to Providence’s plan to slash our health insurance.  We gave our forms directly to St. Pete’s CEO Medrice Coluccio and called on her to honor the Providence Mission and not slash our health benefits.

We believe it’s illegal for Providence to implement their plan without bargaining with our union, and we’re going to continue to show them that we won’t stand for them slashing our health benefits.  We’re going back to bargaining October 25 stronger than ever.

“We opened their eyes. Our action got the message across that we are not going to let them get away with these healthcare cuts. They don’t have to make these outrageous cuts because they have enough money to take care of us. We showed them we are strong and united going into bargaining next week.” – Mila Harden, ER Admitting

 “The Board members saw us and heard us loud and clear.  We delivered hundreds of Forced Enrollment Forms and told them that we are saying no to their healthcare takeaways.  We showed them that we’re standing united.” – Debbie Tipton, EVS

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