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We don’t stop caring about our patients or healthcare at the end of our shift. Voting is an important way for us to speak out for our values, and one of the most powerful ways we can stand up for our patients and make needed changes in our healthcare system.

Watch your mailbox this weekend, ballots are arriving!

SEIU nurses and healthcare workers from across the state meet and interview the candidates to ask them the right questions: how will they work with us to improve care? Will they stand with us to improve staffing for us and our patients? Will they speak out for our rights on the job?

Below you’ll see the full list of candidates who share our values and have earned the support of nurses and healthcare workers.

Our vote matters—we have the chance to make a difference for our patients and our community!

Be sure to mail your ballot by Tuesday, August 7.

LD Candidate for Name County
1 Representative Derek Stanford King
1 Representative Shelley Kloba King
3 Representative Marcus Riccelli Spokane
3 Representative Timm Ormsby Spokane
5 Representative Bill Ramos King
5 Representative Lisa Callan King
6 Senate Jeff Holy Spokane
6 Representative Mike Volz Spokane
6 Representative Dave Wilson Spokane
11 Representative Zack Hudgins King
11 Representative Steve Bergquist King
14 Representative Gina Mosbrucker Yakima
15 Senate Bengie Aguilar Yakima
17 Representative Tanisha Harris Clark
18 Representative Kathy Gillespie Clark
19 Representative Brian Blake Grays Harbor, Lewis
19 Representative Erin Frasier Grays Harbor, Lewis
21 Senate Marko Liias Snohomish
21 Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self Snohomish
21 Representative Strom Peterson Snohomish
22 Representative Beth Doglio Thurston
22 Representative Laurie Dolan Thurston
23 Representative Drew Hansen Kitsap
23 Representative Sherry Appleton Kitsap
24 Representative Steve Tharinger Clallam
24 Representative Mike Chapman Clallam
25 Representative Julie Door Pierce
25 Representative Brian Duthie Pierce
26 Senate Emily Randall Pierce, Kitsap
26 Representative Connie Fitzpatrick Pierce, Kitsap
26 Representative Joy Stanford Pierce, Kitsap
27 Representative Laurie Jinkins Pierce
27 Representative Jake Fey Pierce
28 Representative Christine Kilduff Pierce
28 Representative Mari Leavitt Pierce
29 Senate Steve Conway Pierce
29 Representative Steve Kirby Pierce
29 Representative Melanie Morgan Pierce
30 Senate Mark Miloscia King, Pierce
30 Representative Kristine Reeves King, Pierce
30 Representative Mike Pellicciotti King, Pierce
31 Senate Phil Fortunato King, Pierce
31 Representative Victoria Mena King, Pierce
32 Senate Maralyn Chase King
32 Representative Cindy Ryu King
32 Representative Lauren Davis King
33 Senate Karen Keiser King
33 Representative Tina Orwall King
33 Representative Mia Gregerson King
34 Representative Eileen Cody King
34 Representative Joe Fitzgibbon King
34 Senate Shannon Braddock King
36 Senate Reuven Carlylye King
36 Representative Noel Frame King
36 Representative Gael Tarleton King
37 Senate Rebecca Saldana King
37 Representative Eric Pettigrew King
37 Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos King
38 Senate John McCoy Snohomish
38 Representative Mike Sells Snohomish
38 Representative June Robinson Snohomish
40 Representative dual endorsement:
Debra Lekanoff & Alex Ramel
Whatcom, Island
40 Representative Jeff Morris Whatcom, Island
41 Representative Tana Senn King
41 Representative My-Linh Thai King
43 Senate Jamie Pedersen King
43 Representative Frank Chopp King
43 Representative Nicole Macri King
44 Senate Steve Hobbs Snohomish
44 Representative John Lovick Snohomish
44 Representative Jared Mead Snohomish
45 Senate Manka Dhingra King
45 Representative Roger Goodman King
45 Representative Larry Springer King
46 Senate David Frockt King
46 Representative Javier Valdez King
46 Representative Gerry Pollet King
47 Senate Mona Das King
47 Representative Pat Sullivan King
47 Representative Debra Entenman King
48 Senate Patty Kuderer King
48 Representative Vandana Slatter King
48 Representative Amy Walen King
49 Representative Sharon Wylie Clark
49 Representative Monica Stonier Clark


“The choices we make in our local elections impact our jobs and families. We recommend candidates who will fight for quality care and quality jobs. Join us and vote!” BOLD = new candidate

– SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Executive Board Political Committee

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