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SEIU Healthcare 1199NW issues the following statement regarding the possible repeal of the Corporate Hours Tax.  Spokespeople will be available for comment at Seattle City Hall tomorrow at noon.

“Homelessness in our community is in an urgent crisis.  We need a compassionate, effective approach and our city has a plan to get there but we need to find the resources to implement it.  The clear plan of solutions our city has to move people off the streets is working—5,000 individuals experiencing homelessness were moved off the street last year.  The McKinsey Report showed that we’re headed the right direction but we need to do more and faster.

Our tax system is upside down and to move forward we need the wealthy and corporations to pay their share.

As frontline service providers we are ready to work together, now, to find the revenue we need.  If we are revisiting the source of revenue, we’re willing to collaborate to find the right solution– a substantial, reliable, progressive funding source.”

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