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We know how important it is for everyone to have access to care.

That’s why we can help spread the word that the Washington state Healthplanfinder, our state’s marketplace to shop for health plans, is open again for patients, family members, and neighbors to shop for health coverage.

The Washington state Healthplanfinder is available because of the Affordable Care Act and our work to help expand Medicaid coverage to care for more people. The law is making a difference for all of us. Now patients no longer see a lifetime limit on benefits, there is no more denial of care for pre-existing conditions, and all patients have access to free preventive care.

The healthcare exchange meansmore choices, better coverage and lower costs when it comes to health insurance, and after the first year thousands of people across Washington now have access to care.

Share the news – patients without access to care, or facing unaffordable care, can shop for health coverage at www.wahealthplanfinder.org.

The marketplace will be open until February 15, 2015.
Together, we can make sure that everyone who wants care can get it.

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