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The WA Cares Fund is a new state public benefit that will help us pay for long-term care. Right now, the only way families can get help paying for long-term care is to spend down to poverty to qualify for Medicaid. The WA Cares Fund will help our families with these costs regardless of income or assets.

Washington State has one of the nation’s best long-term care systems in the United States. The WA Cares benefit will allow all beneficiaries access to high-quality, trained and certified long-term care providers, and services like installing a wheelchair ramp or grab bars, medical transportation, and respite for family caregivers.

WA Cares Fund Private Insurance
No health evaluation

Same premiums for everyone! $0.58/$100 earnings

Not connected to a specific employer and does not default if unemployed

After vesting, stop paying premium once retired

Required health evaluation

Different monthly premiums dependent on health, gender, and family history

Dependent on cash flow

Pay premium forever, even after retirement

Once a person decides to “opt-out” of WA Cares, that person is permanently excluded from this public long-term care benefit.

Some of the covered services

  • Professional personal care in your home, an assisted living facility, an adult family home or a nursing home
  • Adaptive equipment and technology like hearing devices and medication reminder devices
  • Paying family members (including spouses) to provide care
  • Training and support for family caregivers
  • Home-delivered meals
  • Environmental modifications like wheelchair ramps
  • Personal emergency response system
  • Respite for family caregivers
  • Transportation

To permanently decline this public benefit, you must purchase private long-term care insurance and submit the opt-out form by November 1, 2021. Once you have chosen private insurance over the fund, you cannot ever enroll into the public option and are permanently excluded from this public long-term care benefit

Questions? Please reach out to your organizer!

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