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Service and Maintenance Staff Join RNs in SEIU Healthcare 1199NW

Yesterday, service and maintenance staff voted 255 to 227 to join with the RNs to create one strong union to advocate for our patients, ourselves, and our families.  Now we can have a say in how our hospital is run and we can negotiate a contract with improvements in training funds, wages, and benefits.

Today, we will continue to build our strength and unity as we take the next steps toward winning our first contract.

“I am helping to build this union because we’re worth fighting for – our families and our time with them are worth it. I know we will see a change now.”
Lidia Gaytan, NAC




“After working at Memorial for years and giving my job my all, I’m just thrilled to get to work on winning a contract that respects how much of our lives and ourselves we have invested here.”
Rosie Sanchez, NAC




“I’m so excited to be united with more of my Memorial team members and I’m looking forward to speaking with one strong voice to make improvements in staffing, patient care, and our jobs.”
Becky Krueger, RN




Our Next Steps

Growing Our Strength

We voted yes to form our union and now it’s time to become members of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.

  • Our union membership shows management our strength and unity as we begin bargaining.
  • We only pay dues after we approve our first contract.

Defining Our Priorities

In the next few weeks, we will fill out bargaining surveys to signal the priorities we would like to win in our new contract.

Electing Our Bargaining Team

Each department will also elect our co-workers to represent us at the table as we negotiate with management.

The bargaining team is made up of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members who will advocate for the priorities we raise in our bargaining surveys.


Tech Unit Update

Techs voted yesterday to form our union with our co-workers. But, despite great support and hard work from our tech co-workers, the results are not yet official. Management broke the law and violated our rights, making this a tough election. It could be a week or a month before results are final. We know that if we had a free and fair choice, the results would have been clear. Still, we’re going to keep working until all Memorial employees will be united in SEIU Healthcare 1199NW!

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