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Deac group delivery picAs the nurses and healthcare workers at Valley Hospital and Deaconess Hospital, we work every day to provide quality care and put every patient first.  We’ve called on Deaconess and Valley management to make improvements to our staffing so we can ensure every patient gets the care they need.  We can’t afford for our hospitals to fall behind on patient care standards.

That’s why after months of management refusing to accept our proposals to improve staffing we’re ready to go on strike.  We don’t want to strike, but unless Valley and Deaconess settle a contract that includes staffing improvements and an end to unfair labor practices, we will go on strike on December 4.   We will continue to call on our hospitals to reach an agreement with us that protects the care we provide before we need to take action.

Read more at www.putpatientcarefirst.com


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