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Nada Dyson and Jackie Pilsbury VGH victory 042313Thanks to thousands of phone calls into the community  and our work to talk with voters, Valley General Hospital District has passed a levy to protect the healthcare we provide. Voters agreed how valuable our work is with preliminary results of 58% percent voting to approve the levy. Additional results will be available later this week and the election should be certified in the next few weeks.

By volunteering with community supporters we’ve been able to get the word out to our neighbors about the important work we do at the hospital caring for our community. Support from our other union brothers and sisters across the region and our own time making calls, putting up signs, and educating voters had an impact.

“I’m proud to work at the hospital and I treat my patients like family. The passage of this vote means we can continue that care, and our residents will have a choice to receive their care close to home. We are a community driven hospital, and we will continue to be the resource our neighbors rely on, whether it is for a broken arm or a stroke,” said Valley General nurse Mark Glover.

Valley General CNA Nada Dyson said, “I’ve always thought our hospital had a family feel. This is the hospital I want to retire from. I believe in our doctors, co-workers, and the care we provide in our close knit community. These last few years have been hard with the cuts and the loss of staff but now I know we can rebuild.”

Firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, small businesses, and local leaders rallied behind the hospital to protect vital healthcare services. The former levy rate for Valley General Hospital was among the lowest in the state, putting critical emergency and trauma care services in jeopardy.

“Valley is a valuable resource to our region that benefits all of us,” said Monroe firefighter Kurt Schneider. “Keeping our emergency room and trauma care available is critical, especially for first responders so we have a hospital nearby when seconds count. These results are good news.”

With the successful passage of this levy, we have preserved a full service hospital that will assure quality local care, critical emergency services and continuation of a major economic resource for East Snohomish County.


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