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May was Nurses and Healthcare Workers Month, and we celebrated by using our collective strength and unity to make some incredible strides towards safe and equitable workplaces for us all! 

When we show up for one another and stay persistent in our fight for worker justice, we can secure improvements that reflect our sacrifice as healthcare workers, improve quality of life for us and our families, and provide our communities with the care we all deserve. That’s the union difference.

Members at our ratification vote, bargaining team leaders counting votes!

At Island Hospital in Anacortes, we ratified the strongest contract we’ve seen in decades! After four months at the bargaining table, our refusal to accept less than we deserve paid off – we won a contract that will improve recruitment and retention, guarantee higher wages, make safe staffing improvements, and implement accessible career ladders to move up in our fields. 

By staying united throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and using our time together to build trust and unity, we won a contract that will make Island Hospital a great place to work. 

Bargaining team members and union organizers at NCH

We made history over at Neighborcare Health clinics across Seattle, too. Working in partnership with NCH management, we voted yes on a second contract that includes an equitable economic package including a new wage scale, a new training program and a training pay premium, opportunities for Medical Assistants to advance in our careers, a new floating holiday, and more! 

We worked together to co-create the solutions we know will best serve our staff and community.

Bringing in new coworkers as active and engaged members of our union means that we can build power and create the workplaces we deserve. UWMC Northwest security guards voted to officially join the 1199NW family, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them in. WE are the union – our willingness to grow and expand together is what gives us the power to create the workplaces we deserve.

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