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Nurses and healthcare workers are the 99%.

But too many of America’s elected leaders care more about the richest 1% than about the rest of us. They meet with corporate lobbyists from K Street and take huge campaign contributions —while ignoring the 99% and proposing cuts to healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and cuts to unemployment benefits for 2 million Americans.

Nurses and healthcare workers are the 99%, and we won’t be ignored any more. This week, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members Joe Repp, RN at Harborview; David Black, Case Manager at Community Psychiatric Clinic; Mary Seabeck, Patient Admitting at Swedish Medical Center; and Nancy Taylor, PCA at St. Joe’s Medical Center are in Washington DC to “Take Back the Capitol”.

Thousands of regular Americans including nurses and healthcare workers are coming to Capitol Hill to make our peaceful presence felt and counter the power of the banks, Wall Street and big corporations. They’ll be attending congressional hearings and occupying the streets outside of the lobbyist offices on K Street to protest Congress’ failure to create jobs, stop budget cuts to healthcare, and hold accountable those who crashed our economy.

“Harborview is the safety net of our healthcare system, and right now the healthcare we can provide is at risk. We’re the last place our patients can turn to. We need to hold the 1% accountable to good jobs and paying their fair share in taxes so we can continue to fund vital healthcare services. We all need quality healthcare,” said Joe Repp, an RN at Harborview Medical Center.

We need to remind our elected leaders that they are here to represent the American people, create jobs, and protect healthcare. The vast majority of Americans—the 99% who aren’t rich—want an economy that works for everyone.

Follow live updates at http://www.seiu.org/blog/

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