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As the President and Congressional leaders try to negotiate a deal to prevent cuts to healthcare, middle class tax increases, and across-the-board spending cuts from taking effect in January, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members are taking action. At stake in these negotiations is the quality care for our patients, access to care for hundreds of thousands of Washington residents, and more than 100,000 healthcare jobs.

In these negotiations, Congress can either focus on the deficit as the number one problem, or get to work on the issues voters told us they care about: protecting quality healthcare access, rebuilding a vibrant middle class, creating more good jobs and ensuring our policies reflect the core American value that we are all in this together.

Call (888) 979-7521 to be connected to your elected representative right now.

Our Senators are listed here, and our Representatives are listed here. (To find out who your representative is, check here.)

Tell your elected officials: We believe that any agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff must preserve quality care and the Affordable Care Act,  ask all Americans to pay their fair share, put job creation first, and end the across-the-board cuts to vital services.


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