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President Barack Obama

Passing Healthcare Reform: Since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, healthcare is now more affordable and secure for more than 100 million Americans.

Funding Training for Healthcare Workers: President Obama passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which supported up to 3.6 million jobs and gave our SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training Fund $2.35M for new training.

Improving and Innovating Healthcare: President Obama has repeatedly invited SEIU nurses and healthcare workers to the White House to hear our thoughts on improving healthcare. We can count on him to continue fighting for better healthcare policies.

Jay Inslee – Governor

Expanding Healthcare Access: Jay will fight to protect and expand health insurance benefits for nurses and healthcare workers. Jay fully supported healthcare reform so more Washington families have coverage.

Fighting for the Middle Class: Jay will fight for an economy that restores the middle class in our state and works for everyone, not just big corporations and the rich.

Sen. Maria Cantwell – U.S. Senate

Supporting Healthcare Reform: Maria fought to help pass the Affordable Care Act and is leading bipartisan efforts to protect and improve the bill.

Protecting and Expanding Healthcare Access: Maria voted against turning Medicare into a voucher system that would take away guaranteed benefits for our seniors. Maria’s work also brought Washington State an additional $50 million for children’s healthcare.

Our Healthcare Champions:

Bob Ferguson – Attorney General

Bob Ferguson is committed to defending the people of this state and has worked with SEIU members to protect mental healthcare in our community. He will take on those who break the rules like big banks and insurance companies. Bob will fight for all of us instead of letting corporate interests control our state.

Kathleen Drew – Secretary of State

Kathleen Drew is the only candidate who has both statewide executive and legislative experience, having worked for the Governor and been a state legislator. She is committed to increasing turnout of young voters and the economically disadvantaged.

Mike Kreidler – Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler has earned our support for his continuing work to hold wealthy health insurance companies accountable for making staggering profits while their insured patients struggle to afford care.

Sheryl Gordon McCloud – Supreme Court

Sheryl is a former public defender who worked to make sure that all parties were treated fairly, including those who have often lacked meaningful access to the judicial system.

APPROVE Referendum 74

We are all created equal with the same rights, responsibilities and freedoms. It’s time we stop denying one group the freedom to marry the person they love. Approve Referendum 74 so all couples can enjoy the happiness, security and responsibilities of marriages.

NO on Initiative 1240

Before spending millions on I-1240’s unproven charter schools that admit only a tiny fraction of student, let’s do what the Supreme Court told us to do: Fund proven solutions to real problems, so ALL our children can succeed.

NO on Initiative 1185

Tim Eyman’s latest measure is funded by big corporations and cuts funding for schools and social services. Eyman says it will help taxpayers, but in fact it will block efforts to make corporate interests pay their fair share.

Vote by November 6

Other healthcare champions on the ballot need your vote. Click here for a full list of candidate recommendations.

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