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SEIU members stepped up in historic numbers to elect leaders who will work with us to improve healthcare on a state and national level.  Starting with candidate interviews early this year and continuing all the way through Election Day, we made sure that nurse and healthcare workers’ issues mattered in the 2012 election. We showed that we have power when we stand up and make sure our voices are counted.

In total, we made more than 107,000 phone calls, knocked more than 8,800 doors, and sent nearly 93,000 pieces of mail.  When the stakes are this high, we can’t afford not to make sure every single one of us knows what’s on the line. Our work paid off.  Overwhelmingly, our healthcare champions won their races, and often by large margins.

The outcomes of these elections will make a real difference for our patients and our families.

But our work doesn’t end here. Now we have to continue sharing our stories with our legislators, our new Governor Jay Inslee, and President Barack Obama so they know we’re counting on them to build a better future for healthcare and our families.
Our healthcare champions will help us better advocate for our patients and our professions, from safe staffing standards to expanding Medicaid and protecting Medicare to standing up for public employees.

The work we do makes a difference, whether it’s directly at a patient’s bedside or by voting for people who will protect that care.

2012 Election Results:

Federal races:

President Barack Obama
Governor Jay InsleeU.S. Senate – Maria Cantwell
U.S. House of Representatives CD 1 – Suzan Del Bene
U.S. House of Representatives CD 2 – Rick Larsen
U.S. House of Representatives CD 6 – Derek Kilmer
U.S. House of Representatives CD7 – Jim McDermott
U.S. House of Representatives CD 9 – Adam Smith
U.S. House of Representatives CD 10 – Denny Heck

Statewide races
Lieutenant Governor – Brad Owen
Attorney General – Bob Ferguson
State Auditor – Troy Kelley
State Treasurer  – Jim McIntire
Supreme Court – Sheryl Gordon McCloud

Ballot measures
R-74 Freedom to marry

Legislative races

1 Rosemary McAuliffe
1 Luis Moscoso
1 Derek Stanford
2 Bruce Lachney – lost
3 Andy Billig
3 Timm Ormsby
3 Marcus Ricelli
4 Larry Crouse
4 Amy Biviano – lost
4 Mike Padden
5 Mark Mullet
6 Denny Dellwo – lost
10 Mary Margaret Haugen -lost
10 Tom Riggs – lost
11 Bob Hasegawa
11 Zack Hudgins
11 Steve Bergquist
14 Charles Ross
14 Norm Johnson
16 Maureen Walsh
17 Tim Probst –outcome unknown
19 Brian Blake
19 Brian Hatfield
19 Dean Takko
21 Marko Liias
21 Mary Helen Roberts
22 Sam Hunt
22 Karen Fraser
22 Chris Reykdal
23 Sherry Appleton
23 Drew Hansen
23 Christine Rolfes
24 Jim Hargrove
24 Kevin Van De Wege
24 Steve Tharinger
25 Dawn Morrell
25 Bill Hilton – lost
25 Bruce Dammeier
26 Larry Seaquist
27 Jeannie Darneille
27 Laurie Jinkins
27 Lauren Walker – lost

28 Tami Green
28 Eric Choiniere – lost
28 Yoshi Wong – lost
29 Steve Kirby
29 David Sawyer
30 Roger Flygare – lost
30 Roger Freeman
32 Cindy Ryu
32 Ruth Kagi
33 Dave Upthegrove
33 Tina Orwall
34 Eileen Cody
34 Joe Fitzgibbon
35 Kathy Haigh
36 Reuven Carlyle
36 Noel Frame – lost
37 Sharon Tomiko Santos
37 Eric Pettigrew
38 Mike Sells
38 John McCoy
39 Linda Wright – lost
40 Kris Lytton
40 Jeff Morris
40 Kevin Ranker
41 Judy Clibborn
41 Maureen Judge-lost
41 Marcie Maxwell
43 Jamie Pederson
43 Speaker Frank Chopp
44 Hans Dunshee
44 Mary McNaughton – lost
45 Roger Goodman
45 Larry Springer
46 Gerry Pollet
46 Jessyn Farrell
46 David Frockt
47 Pat Sullivan
47 Bud Sizemore – outcome unknown
48 Ross Hunter
48 Cyrus Habib
49 Annette Cleveland
49 Sharon Wylie
49 Jim Moeller


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