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Improving healthcare for everyone

Jay Inslee fully supported the Affordable Healthcare Act, which expands coverage and access to a million Washington residents, guarantees coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, allows young adults up to age 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance, and helps seniors with prescription costs.1

Rob McKenna joined a national lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act and deny access to affordable healthcare to nearly one million Washingtonians, while allowing insurance companies to reject people because of preexisting conditions.2

“We need a governor like Jay who is looking out for healthcare. The Affordable Care Act is making a difference for all of us.”
Georgetta Hachiya, RN,
Harborview Medical Center

Protecting quality care for seniors

Jay Inslee is a champion for quality care for seniors and people with disabilities. He supported Initiative 1163 to improve training and background checks for caregivers.3

Rob McKenna opposed a measure to protect seniors and people with disabilities through improved training and background checks for caregivers.4

“I look out for the seniors in my family, and I want a governor who will do the same. Jay is my choice.”
Kerry Hauf, Medical Secretary,
Deaconess Hospital, Spokane

Protecting Medicare and Medicaid

Jay Inslee has been a staunch defender of our healthcare programs, like Medicare and Medicaid, to ensure our seniors and vulnerable populations have access to healthcare:

Stood up against a proposed budget that would have all but abolished Medicare and Medicaid programs.5

Voted to require insurers to cover mental illness and addiction therapy and voted to expand access to health centers in rural areas.6

Voted repeatedly in Congress to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP) to provide healthcare coverage to millions more children.7

Rob McKenna objected to the expansion of Medicaid in our state, likening it to “creeping socialism”8 and “welfare”8b. Medicaid expansion would provide healthcare to 330,000 low income Washingtonians8 who need access to care.

Rob McKenna praised a House budget which sought to turn Medicare into a voucher program and slash Medicaid.9

“When it comes to protecting Medicare and Medicaid, Jay has the record we’re looking for. He puts healthcare for our clients, kids, and seniors first.
Tomi-Chyne Osborne,
Psych Tech, Mukilteo Evaluation and Treatment Center

Standing up for state employee health benefits

Jay Inslee supports collective bargaining, calling it a “fundamental right”, and the rights of state employees to negotiate fair wages and benefits.10

Rob McKenna has called the unionization of public employees “dangerous,”11 and has said he will almost double state employee health insurance premiums12 and propose higher deductibles13.

“Jay Inslee has supported unions for years. He has my vote. Rob McKenna has said he’ll raise our healthcare costs, and could turn our state into a Wisconsin.”
Debbie Carlson, RN,
MSN, Nurse Consultant, DOH

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